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Name:[Batman Fanfiction]
Location:Gotham, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a place for Batman fanfiction
- under construction -


one. This is a community for Batman fanfiction.

two. All fics must have a proper header, listing a title, a pairing, a rating, warnings if any and a disclaimer. Please always use a cut.


three. Please tag your posts with rating, pairing, and genre from the ALREADY EXISTING tag list. This makes it easy for readers to find your work, and generally keeps things neat and tidy.

four. Play nice. Haters will not be tolerated. Feedback would be awesome of you.

five. Questions? Affiliates? Leave a comment [here].

five. We are in no way affiliated with the copyright holders of 'Batman' and don't mean to offend or infringe. This is just a fan venture for fun and no profit.

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