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FIC - 'The Sea Is Just A Wetter Version Of The Sky', Batman/DCU, R, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Tam Fox

Author: [personal profile] the_protagonist and [personal profile] alexiel_neesan
Fandom: DCU, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Tam Fox (Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne)
Rating: R
Warning: Character death, use and talk of drugs, language.

Notes: 14049 words. Title from: There's a shadow/You can't see my eyes/And the sea is just a wetter version of the skies - Regina Spektor, Folding Chair. Beta by [personal profile] glymr, thank you so much you rock! Have a box of tissues ready. You'll need them.

Summary: Remember this picture of Tim and Death... ? This is the story. Inconceivable things do happen - and at the end of the day, bats are still only human.

The Sea Is Just A Wetter Version Of The Sky

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