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Three ficlets

None wears the face you know
Fandom: Batman/DCU/Gundam Wing
Rating: PG
Characters: Jason Todd, Quatre Raberba Winner
Warning: twisted.
Summary: fruitsgrow/[personal profile] babilu asked for: Jason and Quatre. It will probably only make sense to us my dear :D Title from When You See Millions of the Mouthless Dead by Charles Hamilton Sorley.

Fandom: Batman/DCU
Rating: PG
Characters: Jason Todd, Damian Wayne
Warning: Jason and D in the same room.
Summary: Modestroad asked for: Damian, Jason, a Robin Jason didn't mind much. A saucisson is a pork (or donkey, or beef, or boar or any mix you can imagine) sausage that is bound in string and left to dry.

Speed of light
Fandom: Batman/DCU
Rating: PG
Characters: Tim Drake-Wayne, Dick Grayson (the Tower).
Warning: ... none really.
Summary: [personal profile] glymr asked for: Prompt: Thunderstorm. Characters: Any batfamily members. So of course that called for angst. Right?

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