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FIC - 'Too Little, Too Late', Batman/DCU, NC-17, Jason Todd, Tim Drake

Title : Too Little, Too Late
Pairing/Character : Jason Todd/Tim Drake (Dick, Damian, Alfred)
Rating : NC-17
Word Count : 1073
Warning : it's half porn, half angst and disturbing things. Also implied mental disorder(s) and paranormal. Please watch out.
Disclaimer : Nothing belongs to me, this is for entertainment only
Notes :  Very, very late fic for [community profile] pornday. It grew bunnies. Also known as (In Which I Demonstrate My Inability To Write Just Porn, or Will Be Part Of A Larger Thing, Gods Help Me)

Summary : Jason is literally out of his head, most of the time. He knows it, Tim knows it, Dick knows it, everyone who needs to know this knows it.

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