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Batfamily/Robin Brother's Fanfiction Prompts

Batfamily/Robin Brother’s fic prompts, fandoms talk, suggestions, advice etc. 1

1. The robin brothers all four in a jeep having to do a long road trip. This idea is inspired by the anime saiyuki. In Saiyuki they the show 4 equally if not more lively guys have to travel in a jeep from China to India. ( It’s based on the classic tale of the journey west.) A side idea from that if you know the anime Damian meets Sanzo.

2. Any survival kind of story is great here’s a few that I’ve seen be used in other fandoms that resulted in awesome fic. Particularly in one of the all time best fandom I’ve followed for fanfiction Stargate Sg1. Seriously their are tons and tons of NOVEL length fics that have been written by a good number of writers. Not only that but they are extremely well written. It was a fic readers heaven. Not only that, but the writers were talented and super super NICE!! Anyway…

3. Survival/ team work - The 4 robin brothers (or the 4 robin brothers and bruce) are stranded in the middle of nowhere. This could be off world or not. Furthermore each of the robin has some kind of handicap (in the sg1 fic one of the team members was blind, one could not speak, and the last could not move his arms. ) The handicaps were done by some kind of magic or potion or something because of them had offended a group of people/ it’s a test. In the original fic it was the character Teal’c that had to guide his team back to the village ( over dangerous terrain ) in a certain amount of time or the effect will be permanent. Teal’c had to do this because of in the past he had served the gould ( evil parasites that like to pretend they are gods, enslave, destroy etc.) He was forced to do this challenge to prove that he had changed/ could be trusted etc. This could be more about some one teaching Damian a lesson. This could be on earth or off earth etc. The person doing could be a villian all the way to the trying to help learn an important lesson dangerous kind of nice. After thinking about it, even if Bruce is included it should be Damian that has to guide them.

4. Any combination of batfamily, possibly the 4 robs, because fun, they are badly injured, could be stuck in some way or not in the middle of nowhere, (the original they had fallen into a sink hole) and something/ things mean, beastly, unreasonable, and hungry are intent on eating them.

5. Any combination of batfamily are captured by really stupid/ mean villians who have mistaken them for someone/someones else and they are determined to find out what they are planning!! Plus to add the fact that (now that I think about it the rob bros would work best.) won’t stop bantering with each other even under torture!!