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I come bearing fic....

Hello folks.  Some might recognize my user name from over on LJ.  I've decided to move myself and my fics over here as I've hard it with LJ's various "upgrades" of late.  Anyhow, as I'm still very new here, I haven't really found much to satisfy my fanfic addition.  Does anyone have any comms they'd recommend?  Or people for that matter.  I'd love to make new friends as well as track down those I know from LJ :)

I would also like to pimp out my fics.  And to celebrate finally getting everything moved over here, I've posted the start of a new series/verse that I hope will amuse and entertain.  You can also find my Master Fic List HERE.

Title: The Do-Over (Part 1)
Fandom: Batman (AU)
Characters: Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson
Genre: AU/Gen
Warnings: Jason likes to swear
Word Count: 6004
Summary: Jason wakes up thinking he is 15.  According to the date, he should be 19.  Oh and Magic sucks!

Jason isn't a morning person; he never has been, except when he’s had to be. And right now, he has to be, because things feel very wrong. The boy sits bolt upright in bed, blinking furiously, trying to get his eyes to focus... A baby blue room? Other then the colour it's pretty generic, just a bedroom like any other. But not like his. He's not in the Manor. Where the fuck is he?

He looks down and does a double take. What the fuck is he WEARING?!

Fic Thing This Way......